The Saeima has approved the proposals of Civic Alliance - Latvia for the support of CSOs

At the extraordinary meeting of 7 May 2020, the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia considered several significant regulatory enactments. We especially want to emphasize the amendments to the draft law “Amendment to the Law on Measures to Prevent and Overcome the State Threat and its Consequences Due to the Spread of Covid-19” approved by 58 affirmative votes, adopting the proposals promoted by the Civic Alliance - Latvia, stating that:

* A corporate income taxpayer who has made donations to mitigate the consequences of the spread of Covid-19 will be able to increase the amount of donations not included in the corporate income tax base by another three percentage points of the previous year's profit after taxes, or donors will be able to donate 5% of previous year's profit as before (no target) + 3% of previous year's profit for Covid-19 containment purposes. In total, accounting for 8% of profits.
* The first part of Article 13 of the Law has been clarified, stipulating that associations and foundations affected by the restrictions imposed due Covid-19 emergency situation will be able to receive exemption from rent from state institutions as well.