The role of the EU in our daily lives: can we imagine life without it?

On June 16, virtually met project "ESCAPE ROOM - What would life be like without the EU?!" (RescEU) ten partner organizations to discuss the next activities of the project. During the implementation of the project, it is planned that an Escape Room game will be created in each of the participating partner countries. The aim of the game will be to show what life without the European Union (EU) could be like and how important the decisions made by the EU play in our lives.

During the meeting, the partners discussed the concept of a break-out room, as well as the "little things" that happen on a daily basis, thanks to EU regulations, laws and regulations.

The RescEU project will have a very multifaceted vision, as the lead partner Movimento Europeo Italia has brought together partners from the Agora CE (Czech Republic), Association Euni Partners (Bulgaria), Civic Alliance – Latvia (Latvia), Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto (Slovenia), European Expression (Greece), Left Wing Federalists (Spain), Foster Europe Foundation for strong European Regions (Austria), Jaan Tõnisson Institute (Estonia), Poland Association of Bilingualism BILINGUIS (Poland) and Stiftung Zukunft Berlin (Germany), which in general will broaden the view of the EU not only to the partners but also to the target audience involved in the project.

The project will be implemented with the support of the European Union's program “Europe for Citizens.”