Summary of CAL activities during the pre-election period, representing the interests of civic society

From the beginning of the year, the Civic Alliance - Latvia implemented various activities to encourage political parties and their alliances that ran for the 14th Saeima to include in their programmes and plans for the next four years political commitments and actions to strengthen civic society and democracy.  

In summary, during the course of this year, the CAL has met and discussed current issues and priorities of civic society with nine political parties and their alliances, as well as the Prime Minister, in various formats. 

1) In partnership with other organisations, the CAL launched a call for parties to include targeted support for civic society development in their action plans and pre-election programmes for the coming years.

2) The CAL invited political parties and their alliances to a meeting to explain the details of the NGO call and how they would contribute to the development of a democratic culture in Latvia. 

3) The CAL met with the Prime Minister on August 30 at a meeting of the Council for the Implementation of the Memorandum of Cooperation between NGOs and the Cabinet of Ministers, where the points included in the above-mentioned document drafted by NGOs were updated.

4) On 29 June, in cooperation with PROVIDUS, the CAL organised a discussion on public participation and cohesion with the candidates for the 14th Saeima elections. 

5) From the end of February, political parties and their alliances were also invited to a conversation on PILSONISKĀ@BALSS to find out their plans and views on civic society development issues.

6) in cooperation with other NGOs, the CAL drafted and sent to the President of Latvia Egils Levits, the Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš, potential coalition parties and their alliances an official letter to ensure the involvement of civic society in the process of drafting the government declaration, to include in the declaration a separate section dedicated to civic society and specific points for strengthening civic society, democratic culture and resilience.