Registration for the "ASNS" NGO Development Programme is open

The Civic Alliance - Latvia is launching the registration of participants for the "ASNS" ("SPROUT") programme for civic society growth, inviting companies and organisations that want to make positive changes for society and promote their social responsibility to share their resources (knowledge, expertise, files, etc.). NGOs that lack resources to implement activities in their daily work are also invited to apply.

Work is currently underway on the digital solution for the platform, which will bring together non-governmental organisations that contribute on a daily basis to society and country (world), and professionals, institutions and organisations that want to work together step by step for systemic change, charitable actions and other goals, choosing the most appropriate profile and activities for their organisation, as well as the type and amount of assistance they can provide.  

On the platform, members will be able to create their own profile, post an advert or call for help, and find a partner that matches their needs and abilities. The platform is expected to be launched at the end of October, but anyone interested - associations, foundations, companies and organisations - can become the first members of the programme. During the development phase of the digital platform "ASNS", you can join the programme by filling in the registration form.  

Consenting to the programme does not impose an obligation or a specific amount of support. Support is provided on a voluntary basis. 

uploaded pictureThe project is co-financed by the City of Riga Society Integration Programme.

The project is supported by the Swedish Institute.