Public participation cannot replace open competition

On Thursday, October 6, at the meeting of the State Secretaries, a discussion was held on the draft Cabinet of Ministers' Order "On the Composition of the Monitoring Committee for the European Union Funds for the 2021-2027 Planning Period", the drafting process of which was strongly opposed by the Civic Alliance - Latvia upholding this stance during the meeting. 

In the CAL's view, the MoF should ensure that the selection of Monitoring Committee members is carried out through an open competition that includes an appropriate selection procedure, specific eligibility criteria and other good governance principles. NGO representation should also be balanced - it is important that the Monitoring Committee is representative and diverse, i.e. includes not only NGOs representing a field or sector, but also NGOs working for the common public good, active in good governance or anti-corruption, working on public participation issues.

The CAL cannot agree that the publication of a regulatory act on the Portal of Regulatory Acts should be considered as an open competition to which any NGO can apply. The selection procedure should be laid down in a set of rules and regulations, which should specify the modalities and conditions of the selection process, thus ensuring the transparency of the process of setting up the Monitoring Committee, a balanced representation of public organisations and professional interest representation organisations, and also the publicity of the competition.