Project “What would life be without the European Union?”

On May 19, representatives of the Civic Alliance - Latvia will meet with partners from Europe to launch the project “ESCAPE ROOM - What would life be without EU?!” – RescEU, which aims at promoting civic and democratic participation of citizens at the European Union (EU) level. The lead project partner is Movimento Europeo Italia, while the project will be implemented in cooperation with ten partner organisations from Slovenia, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Bulgaria and Spain.

The project aims to deepen citizens' understanding of the EU's values ​​and objectives, improve their knowledge of the EU, stimulate debate on the future of Europe and challenge Euroscepticism. It is planned that Escape Room games will be created in each of the participating partner countries within the project. The aim of the game will be to show what life would be like without the European Union and the importance of decisions made by the EU for our lives.

The project will be implemented with the support of the European Union's program “Europe for Citizens.”