On the CAL agenda

Review of the week March18-22

Monday, 18 March

- CAL Office meeting.

- CAL Director K. Zonberga was on leave from 18 to 22 March.

- CAL Policy Coordinator L. Putāne participated in a discussion on the rule of law in the EU organised by the European Commission, together with other associations, to give an insight into the situation in Latvia. The organisations provided insights into the progress of the Law on Transparency of Interest Representation and the issues of the guidelines on the prevention of conflict of interest in the context of the EU Financial Regulation. 

Wednesday,  March 20

- A seminar on "Successful event organisation, organisation and management" was held, led by Ansis Egle, Master Event organiser. The seminar will provide practical tips and techniques on how to effectively plan, organise and manage different events. You can register for the workshops in March and April here.

Thursday, March 21

- CAL Policy Coordinator L. Putāne attended the meeting of State Secretaries. Information on the agenda of the meeting is published here.

- CAL Policy Coordinator L. Putāne participated in a joint meeting of associations and foundations on the development of volunteering in Latvia. The organisations discussed the necessary support for volunteering in order to jointly develop a programme to be submitted to the Ministry of Welfare with the aim of encouraging the responsible ministry to submit a request for funding for the programme from the state budget.

Friday, March 22

- CAL Policy Coordinator L. Putāne together with other associations and foundations participated in a meeting with the Ministry of Welfare on the implementation of social economy policy in Latvia.

- CAL members took part in the "Living Room" discussion series "Eastern Meditation: history, practice, tradition and the path to healing". CAL members can register for the next session on 3 May here

Scheduled for the week of 25-29 March

Monday, 25 March

- CAL office meeting.

Tuesday,  March 26

- CAL Director K. Zonberga will lead a seminar on "Financial Planning". The seminar will teach the basic principles of financial planning and financial resource management. You can register here.

- CAL Director K. Zonberga will participate in the final meeting of the Selection Committee of the Society  Integration Fund.

Wednesday,March 27

- Egils Stūrmanis from Cert.lv will conduct a seminar "Us and the Internet 2024", during which participants will be introduced to the risks and threats in the Internet environment and how to prevent them. 

- The Memorandum Council will meet under the theme: organising the European Parliament elections. If the organisation you represent wishes to participate remotely, please inform us by 26 March 2024 at 12:00. Please inform your representative at nvo@mk.gov.lv by 17.00 on 26.03.2024. 

- A meeting of the AIF Office will be held.

Thursday,  March 28

- CAL Director K. Zonberga will participate in the NGO Fund's Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) meeting. The SPC is responsible for preparing a proposal on the priorities of the NGO Fund and the allocation of funding for the current call for projects in 2025.

- A network meeting of "Civil Society Leaders for Community Resilience and Regional Security" will be held in a remote format. The meeting will focus on crisis response coordination and the establishment of a network of volunteer coordinators to support Civil Protection Commissions.

The information has been prepared with the financial support of the Society Integration Foundation from the Latvian state budget. The Civic Alliance - Latvia is responsible for the content of the information.

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