NGO: principles of good governance and transparency violated in the allocation of state budget funds to the NGO sector

In response to the Latvian Government's decision of 13 April to reallocate state budget funding of EUR 650,000 to the Society Integration Fund's budget programme "Management of the Society Integration Fund" for the implementation of family support policy priorities, the non-governmental organizations of the Memorandum Council call on the Government to amend the Order and allocate the total additional funding in accordance with the procedure set out in the tender regulations.

NGOs stress that the redistribution of budget funds in the manner set out in the Order violates the principles of good governance, fairness, legitimate expectations and transparency in the allocation of state budget funds to the NGO sector. The State Administration Structure Law has also been violated, as well as the procedures, evaluation procedure and criteria set out in the Regulations of tender "Creating a Family-Friendly Environment".