Draft guidelines for Cohesive and Active Civil Society available to the public

On 16 June, the at the National Identity, Civil Society and Integration Policy Framework Implementation Monitoring council meeting, and on 17 June, Civil Society Organizations and Cabinet Cooperation Memorandum Implementation council meeting, the Ministry of Culture presented the draft Guidelines for Cohesive and Active Civil Society 2021-2027.

Civic Alliance - Latvia brought special attention to the fact whether the draft guidelines included the proposals made by citizens during the regional discussion hell in the autumn of 2019 and in February, 2020, and called on the Ministry of Culture to make improvements to the document, to reflect the views expressed by the public, as well as to provide feedback to the participants of the discussions. The Ministry of Culture informed that everyone can get acquainted with the developed draft, evaluate its content and provide proposals for additions, if necessary. You can get acquainted with the draft guidelines here (in Latvian) and make your own proposals for the draft guidelines.