Conceptual agreement on a new form of support for the non-governmental sector

On Thursday, May 5, Artis Zaļūksnis, Policy Coordinator of the Civic Alliance - Latvia, Kristīne Zonberga, Director, and Agnese Frīdenberga, researcher at the Providus collaborative think tank, participated in a meeting organised by the Ministry of Justice on the possibility to transfer the assets of a liquidated association or foundation, including financial resources, to the non-governmental sector itself for its development, instead of leaving them as state property in cases where no creditors have applied for the assets. 

We have previously reported that the Civic Alliance - Latvia has come forward with such a proposal to amend the Law on Associations and Foundations. The parties agreed conceptually that such a solution is possible and will continue to work to find the best possible solution for the legal framework and practical implementation in more detail in cooperation with the Social Integration Fund and the State Real Estate Agency.