Candidates for the CAL Board can stand until March 1

In 2024 the elections for the Board of the Civic Alliance – Latvia will take place on March 15, therefore the CAL invites its members to assess their motivation or that of any other colleagues to run for the CAL Board by March 15. To apply for a nomination to the CAL, please fill in the form here. In preparation for the CAL Board elections in 2024, which will take place on March 15, CAL members are invited to familiarise themselves with the Board's Terms of Reference, which describe the Board's activities, expected competences and involvement in CAL processes. The Board's Terms of Reference can be found here.

The Board is elected by the CAL General Assembly. A member of the CAL may nominate himself/herself or another member as a candidate for Board membership, subject to prior agreement with the candidate. The Board is the governing body of the CAL and its members have a strategic decision-making, advisory and oversight role in the development of the organisation.

The information has been prepared with the financial support of the Society Integration Foundation from the Latvian state budget. The Civic Alliance - Latvia is responsible for the content of the information.

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