CAL submits proposals to the “Strategy for Latvia” established by the Ministry of Economics

The Civic Alliance - Latvia (CAL), whose director Kristīne Zonberga was delegated from the Cabinet of Ministers and the council for the implementation of the memorandum on the cooperation of civil society organizations to represent the joint interests of associations and foundations, submitted to the Ministry of Economics comments and additions to the project “Strategy for Latvia”.

In its letter, CAL points out that the non-governmental sector  - associations and foundations are an important driver for inclusive growth, at the same time increasing the social capital and creating significant economic value, and plays an important role in social, economic and political areas. Therefore, when creating a strategy for Latvia's development and prosperity breakthrough, it is important to envisage partnership with associations and foundations, and to apply the directions of the Strategy - human capital, innovation, export and access to finance - to them as well.

The full document, including specific proposals for CSO support and involvement in the implementation of the Strategy, is available here.