CAL: government declaration must include commitment to building a stable civic society based on democratic values

On Tuesday, October 4, the Civic Alliance - Latvia (CAL) sent an official letter to the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš, potential coalition parties and their alliances to ensure the involvement of civic society in the process of drafting the government declaration.  The CAL calls for the Declaration to include a commitment to building a stable and organised civic society in Latvia, based on democratic values, which is also a matter of national security, particularly important in the current geopolitical situation. 

The CAL calls for the government's declaration to include a commitment to strengthen civic society, democracy and the resilience of society, as well as to address the key challenges faced by the non-governmental sector in order to strengthen democracy in Latvia:

1) recognize and put into practice social dialogue on an equal footing with civil dialogue;

2) identify the institution responsible (at political and civil servant level) for the development of civic society and the strengthening of democracy, through cross-sectoral policies to guide and coordinate reforms; 

3) to develop and support mechanisms for societal self-organisation and resilience, as well as the establishment and implementation of a crisis management system, which is particularly relevant in the current geopolitical situation;

4) ensure public participation in the planning and monitoring of public funding; 

5) implement a targeted civic society development policy, with permanent state budget funding to strengthen civil society capacity.