Budget for the year 2023 – unfriendly for the civic society

On Thursday, February 9 Arvils Ašeradens, the Minister of Finance, presented the draft State budget for this year to the Parliament. Having reviewed the composition of budget, it has to be concluded that calls by the civic society for provision of sustainable funding for the activities and development of civic society with the view to ensure that the civic society of Latvia is stable, based on democratic values and capable of organizing itself have remained unheard by those deciding on the State budget for this year in spite of the fact that such stable civic society is a matter of national security and securitability of people. 

No consulting with the civic society and sectoral organizations, or public participation in the planning of public funding was ensured this year in planning of budget for the year 2023. This is because no centralized mechanism exists to enable civic organizations to present their proposals in the course of planning of the State burget, including on horizontal and cross-sectoral matters of the non-governmental sector.

As reported earlier, the Civic Alliance Latvia and the organizations – members of the council for the implementation of cooperation memorandum between the Cabinet and the NGOs have developed joint cross-sectoral proposals for the State budget 2023 calling for the provision of sustainable funding to the activities and development of the civic society. The proposals were presented to the Parliament, the Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš, and the Cabinet.

We also appeal to politicians and deputies of the 14th Parliament to familiarize with information on the recommended involvement of NGOs in budgeting process and involvement of NGOs in the planning of priority measures of the budget (source: The Ministry of Finance).