Welcome to take part at the gathering in support of Ukraine “Without you, there’s no victory!”

Bloodshed continues in Ukraine, and people of Ukraine are heroically fighting for sovereignty of their country day after day. Therefore, the Civic Alliance Latvia in collaboration with likeminded people including the Associations “Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem”, the European Movement – Latvia, the Latvian Platform for Proactive Collaboration, the Congress of Ukraine and others appeals to solidarization with the Ukrainian nation and to attend a one-hour meeting at the Freedom Monument at 10.00 AM on February 24  thus expressing our support to Ukraine and condemn the illicit and aggressive war pursued by Russia for ten years already.

The event will be moderated by radio broadcasting personality Magnuss Eriņš and research journalist Olga Dragiļeva. The gathering will be addressed by people who have devoted the past year to the provision of help and support to Ukraine. Addresses are expected from the founder of Twitter Escort Reinis Pozņaks, representative of the Ukrainian community Tatjana Lazda, and also the pianist Andrejs Osokins who has implemented the project “Warm food for Ukrainian soldiers” in collaboration with likeminded people. Addresses are also expected from public officials of Latvia and Ukraine, and the event will be accompanied by Latvian and Ukrainian music.

Live broadcast of the gathering will be provided by LTV1. Updated information on the gathering will be published on Facebook site of the Civic Alliance Latvia. Participants of the gathering are encouraged to carry the flags of Ukraine and Latvia with them and to display colors of the flag of Ukraine on their clothes. The organizers also recommend to bring yellow and blue flowers with you and lay them in front of the of Freedom Monument.

The organizers kindly request the participants to demonstrate responsible and respectful attitude to everyone involved. The gathering will be recorded in photos and videos.