We urge to fill in the survey on the necessary support for civil society, especially in the Covid-19 post-crisis period

The Civic Alliance - Latvia urges the people of Latvia, civil society organisations and representatives of the business sector to fill in surveys on support for civil society - experience to date and the impact of Covid-19. Surveys have been developed for three different target groups:

  • For citizens - see here.
  • For business sector representatives – see here.
  • For representatives of civil society organisations - see here.

As a result of the surveys, we want to find out the attitudes and habits in supporting civil society on the part of the citizens and business sector. What are the most convenient forms of support and how the provision of support has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis? Analysing the survey data, answers will also be sought to the question: how to create a favourable environment for individuals and companies to invest in Latvian, Estonian and Swedish CSOs, thus helping to address the challenges of sustainable development in their countries and the Baltic Sea region as a whole?

Population surveys have been jointly developed by the partners of the project “Increasing Citizens' Investments in Sustainable Civil Society in the Baltic Sea Region”: Civic Alliance - Latvia (Latvia), NENO (Estonia) and Giva Sverige (Sweden) and will be carried out in all participating Member States.

This information was produced with the financial support of the Nordic Council of Ministers .