Study on data and situation of civil society organizations to be launched

Starting from October this year, the pre-defined project was launched under the Active Citizens Fund program - research on the civil society organizations in Latvia 2020-2024 - data collection and analysis with the aim to prepare regular reports on the activities of the civil society organizations in Latvia, its development trends and the necessary improvements in the legal and financial environment.

The project will run for a total of 4.5 years, and the work began in October on the first of three studies involving data and situation analysis concerning the civil society organizations. The aim of the study is to analyze the data and situation of civil society organizations in order to identify the forms and areas of activity of civil society organizations, financial amounts and flows, and thus plan the future activities and development of the civil sector as effectively as possible.

Research objectives:

  • Description of data on civil society organizations - development of a data collection system for civil society organizations and in-depth research of the obtained data on civil society organizations;
  • Classification description of associations and foundations - development of the classification system of associations and foundations and research of classification of associations and foundations;
  • Report development and research communication - development of the research report, including the identification of the main problems and solutions (proposals).

The project/research will be led by the Civic Alliance - Latvia, while the research work in the first study will be carried out by the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS researchers Agnese Frīdenberga and Līga Stafecka, who were selected in a market research.

Project name: Research on the sector of civil society organizations in Latvia 2020-2024

Implementer: Civic Alliance - Latvia, with external experts

Implementation period : 01.10.2020.-31.03.2024.

Results to be achieved: Within the project, 3 studies will be performed

Amount and source of funding: The implementation of the project in the amount of EUR 64,994.95 is supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in the framework of the European Economic Area and Norwegian Grant 2014 - 2021 for Active Citizens Fund.

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"The project Research on the sector of civil society organizations in Latvia 2020-2024 is financially supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The amount of the EEA-Norway grant is EUR 64 994.95.”