Parliament to examine the prohibition to combine the duties of the position of a local government deputies with paid work in CSOs

On 11 November, Kristīne Zonberga, director of the Civic Alliance - Latvia, will participate in the Public Administration and Local Government Commission meeting discussing the Draft Law “Amendment to the Law “On Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Activities of Public Officials” (No. 585/Lp13) before the first reading and other topical issues. The draft law stipulates that the chair of the local government council and his or her deputy are prohibited from receiving remuneration for a position held in an association, foundation or social enterprise that has received the property or financial resources of the relevant public institution during the term of the local government council.

The Latvian Civic Alliance has previously drawn attention to the draft law, calling for clarification of what kind of financial resources are considered incompatible with the position of the chair or deputy chair of the council - whether a wide ban is envisaged (i.e. it would apply to any financial relations between the local government and the association, foundation, social enterprise) or this would only apply if the municipality decides on special support for a particular association, foundation or social enterprise. It is also intended to clarify why this restriction is not currently applied also to merchants. If the chair of the municipality is the director or employee of a company who has business relationship with the municipality, this may also create a conflict of interest.