Ministry of Finance promises to listen to the civil society before submitting the Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism plan to EC

Civic Alliance - Latvia called on the Minister of Finance to provide information on whether and how Latvian civil society was involved in the process of developing the European Economic Recovery Plan, which was a mandatory requirement set by the European Commission. However, from the publicly available information, it can be concluded that only the ministries had the opportunity to submit proposals, and there is no evidence that Latvia plans to provide consultations with civil society by the deadline set by the EC - 15 October, 2020.

On Tuesday, October 13, the Civic Alliance - Latvia (CAL) received a reply letter from the Ministry of Finance, in which the Cabinet of Ministers tasked the ministries to submit their proposals for the content of the plan by 11 September, which are based on industry planning documents and later where discussed by the inter-ministry working group. Also, in accordance with the task given by the Cabinet of Ministers, the draft RSM plan must be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration by the end of October this year, and, after the preparation of the RSM draft plan, there will be discussions with partners, including the Civic Alliance - Latvia, in order to be able to start negotiations with the European Commission (EC) and jointly arrive at the best offer to be submitted to the EC. The submission and approval of the Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism (RSM) plan to the EC is scheduled for the end of April 2021.