It has been decided on additional funding for the NGO Fund program!

On 29 September, the Civic Alliance - Latvia (CAL) received an explanatory letter from the Ministry of Finance on the principles of state budgeting, which was a response to the CAL's previous invitation to the government to involve the civil society sector in the process of drafting the state budget for 2021 and to provide additional funding for civic participation and cooperation in the 2021 budget in the following amount:

1) To provide necessary additional resources to the NGO Fund in the state master budget in the amount of at least 1.6 million EUR;

2) To envisage the allocation of funding for the implementation of the new operating model of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Cabinet of Ministers and NGOs in the amount of EUR 116,000.

In its reply, the Ministry of Finance explains that it is the line ministries that prepare and submit proposals for priority measures and the necessary funding. Comprehending the procedure, however, the LPA is concerned that in the case of the non-governmental sector, in its horizontal issues and common support, it is not possible to identify the line ministry, so it is necessary to find a solution for non-governmental organisations.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance informed that at the September 22 meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers the informative report on the proposals in the 2021 state budget and the framework for 2021-2023 was considered. And based on the agreements reached as a result of the discussions of the budgeting working group of the Government-forming parties on the supported proposals, it was decided to provide additional funding of EUR 200,000 annually to the Society Integration Fund to implement the NGO Fund program for 2022 and 2023, which means 2 million EUR for the NGO Fund from 2022. In turn, in 2021, 1.5 million EUR will be allocated for the implementation measures of the NGO Fund program.

The Civic Alliance - Latvia expressed satisfaction that the parties forming the Government have taken into account at least some of the proposals made.