General meeting of AGNA members begins

The annual general meeting of AGNA* members has started on 29 September. This year it will be held online and in separate meetings in September, October and November.

The general meeting will be divided into three parts. The purpose of the September meeting is to review the progress made by AGNA in order to assess the work done so far and identify what needs to be improved. The purpose of the October meeting is to discuss the activities of members, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and what needs to be done to help civil society recover from the crisis. The purpose of the November meeting is to strengthen the involvement of AGNA members in the implementation of AGNA plans and to promote a culture of cooperation and sharing among the members. These meetings will be preceded by regional consultations to identify new challenges and solutions for national associations.

*Since 2019, CAL is also a member of AGNA or Affinity Group of National Associations. The AGNA network brings together national associations and regional platforms from around the world to promote cooperation across national and regional borders, including new ways for civil society organisations to collaborate.