First e-learning platform in Latvia to learn the basics of CS O management will be presented!

The Civic Alliance - Latvia, in cooperation with 5 project partners, has created the first e-learning platform “SCOPE”* in Latvian, where it is possible to learn the basics of civil society organisation (CSO) management within various training courses. Although the e-learning course is mainly intended for CSOs, it will also be useful for the small business sector, social enterprises, higher education institutions, as well as other interested.

The e-learning platform is the result of a two-year project designed to strengthen the capacity and skills of non-governmental workers and volunteers. Special emphasis is placed on the education and development of employees of small organisations. Since e-learning takes place online, everyone can learn the modules of the e-learning platform at a convenient time, place and in a convenient way: organisational management, basics of risk, finance, communication and attraction of finance.

The e-learning platform is ready for use already, see here. But on 15 September the official presentation of the “SCOPE” e-learning platform will take place, during which not only the e-learning platform, its modules and use will be discussed, but there will be also an opportunity to participate at a master class by Ieva Veidemane, Expert in Internal Communication and Marketing.

The  “SCOPE”* project has been running since 2018, with partners from 6 EU Member States: The Wheel (Ireland), Civic Alliance - Latvia, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (UK), An Cosán (Ireland), the Sivis Study Centre (Finland) and Development Cooperation Roundtable - AKÜ (Estonia).

uploaded pictureThe project has been funded by Erasmus+ and the European Commission's Education, Training, Youth and Sport programme.