Discussions have started on the new Law on Local Governments

On 2 September, a monthly e-meeting of CSOs took place, during which representatives of civil society organisations discussed and expressed their views on Chapter 6 of the draft Law on Local Governments developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development “Informing and involving the public in the work of local governments”, which, in the opinion of the Ministry, would be attributable to civil society or the department that regulates the public involvement in the work of the local government. However, it is necessary to read the full text of the draft law in order to gain a full insight into the planned changes, as well as because CSOs are willing and able to provide their expertise on issues such as good governance, transparency issues, prevention of conflicts of interest and others.

The participants of the e-meeting acknowledged that a number of clarifications are needed, including grading the number of signatures for collective submissions, strengthening the principle of openness to councils, commissions and working groups, stipulating that citizens’ boards are elected by citizens' meetings, etc.

On 3 September, the MEPRD met with representatives of CSOs, where discussions on the developed wording of the department began, and discussions will continue next week, on 8 September.

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The meeting is financially supported by the Society Integration Fund from the Latvian state budget funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture.