Civic Alliance - Latvia to particapate in European level discussion on the future of monetary policy

On 5 November, the Bank of Latvia, in co-operation with the Civic Alliance - Latvia, is organizing a discussion “My Opinion on Economy of Tomorrow”, which will be attended by representatives of Latvian civil society - the leading non-governmental organizations. The views of non-governmental organizations on the future of monetary policy in the euro area will be heard during the discussions. During the discussion, all its participants will have the opportunity to present their experiences to others and express their opinion on how each person and the organization, including the represented social group, is affected by economic and financial developments, also in view of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis. The outcome of the discussion, the lessons learned and the proposals for the future economy will contribute to the monetary policy strategy of the ECB and the Eurosystem, which will be reviewed by the directors of the central banks of the Eurozone this autumn and in the first half of 2021. Learn more about the discussions here

“Civil society effectively identifies the needs of various social groups, incl. vulnerable groups, and is able to respond to them much faster than the public administration. Civil society is also an important driver of inclusive growth, while increasing social capital and generating significant economic value, playing a significant social, economic and political role, as well as contributing to the economy through foreign funding, employment, tax payments and volunteering, which also contributes to GDP growth. It is therefore important to envisage a partnership with civil society when developing a future strategy, including on monetary policy. This is also in line with the statement of the Parliament added to the National Development Plan of Latvia for 2021–2027, by setting an equal approach to dialogue with civil society and social dialogue at all stages of decision-making," emphasizes Kristīne Zonberga, Director of Civic Alliance - Latvia.