Civic Alliance - Latvia calls for involvement of civil society sector issues in the process of drafting the state budget for 2021

The Civic Alliance - Latvia calls on the Cabinet of Ministers to purposefully support the development of civil society in order to ensure that Latvia has a stable, loyal to the state and able to self-organise civil society, as well as to facilitate high-quality public participation, which ensures better decision-making and promotes the improvement of the quality of life of the society. Therefore, the Civic Alliance - Latvia calls for the involvement of the civil society sector in the process of drafting the state budget for 2021, and to provide for additional funding at the 2021 budget for civic participation and cooperation in the following amount:

1) To implement the program “National NGO Fund”, providing the NGO Fund with the necessary additional resources in the amount of at least 1.6 million euros in the state basic budget to promote citizen participation and cooperation in public processes, improve the quality of life and strengthen democracy in Latvia;

2) To envisage the allocation of funding for the implementation of the new operating model of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Cabinet of Ministers and NGOs in the amount of 116,000 euros. Such a financial allocation would ensure the implementation of the Government's commitment to strengthen the dialogue between non-governmental organisations and public administration included in K. Kariņš's Government Action Plan. One of the results of the activity is to strengthen the implementation mechanism of the Memorandum of Cooperation between NGOs and the Cabinet of Ministers and improve its operation. At the same time, ensure the promotion of civil society representation and participation in the design and monitoring of policy planning and documents developing, strengthening the public participation mechanism at regional and local level, promoting the role of NGO platforms and networks in civil society representation and participation.

In addition, the CAL calls for the development of a comprehensive mechanism to redistribute the state budget funding, incorporating the principles of good governance.