CAL calls for timely and meaningful involvement of CSOs in mitigating the negative effects of Covid-19 crisis

On October 14, the Civic Alliance - Latvia (CAL) sent a letter to the Prime Minister K.Kariņš calling for a timely and meaningful involvement of the non-governmental sector (CSOs) in overcoming the crisis, including mitigating the negative effects of Covid-19, especially through involvement in working groups as an equal partner.

CAL believes that the current epidemiological situation makes it necessary to prepare for various scenarios, including learning from the crisis in the spring and to take the following actions in time and provide the necessary support to CSOs in the recurrent Covid-19 pandemic:

  • to consider CSOs as an equal partner in working groups and other discussions as social partners and organizations representing businesses;
  • to find a way for CSOs and their staff to receive state support in the crisis situation, considering that their financial model differs from that of commercial companies;
  • to develop a support program for CSOs providing services to address the effects of the Covid-19 crisis; and to support organizations affected by Covid-19;
  • to provide training and guidance, as well as social guarantees and support such as health insurance.

More information on the content of the letter, which summarizes the main conclusions and proposals, can be found here