As part of the #Young Citizen, young people continue to delight and help

The classes involved in the project “Young Citizen” project continue to delight with great initiatives! The 7th graders of Zilupe Secondary School have delighted the residents of Zilupe Social Care Centre in honour of the Latvian Independence Day by preparing holiday gifts and greeting cards for them .

The 8th graders of Preiļi Secondary School No. 2 went to the Preiļi nursing care home "Preiļi", where during their visit they cleaned the nursing home, the boys also helped with minor repairs, and the students spent time together with the nursing home residents.

We remind you that in the autumn, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) visited young people and introduced them to the activities of NGOs, civic participation and its role in society. Following the meeting, young people were invited to take a civic initiative that would be important for the well-being of their community, the environment or society. The aim of the education program “Young Citizen” is to promote young people's civic participation competences, which have not been included in the curriculum so far.

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The project is organized by the Civic Alliance – Latvia in cooperation with the British Council Representation in Latvia.