A collaboration initiative has been launched to improve public involvement and participation processes

Starting this October, the Civic Alliance - Latvia, in cooperation with the State Chancellery and the Icelandic Citizens Foundation, has launched a joint initiative “Public Participation - Key to the Future of Democracy". The initiative will create modern and innovative solutions for effective dialogue between public administration and civil society, their meaningful and effective involvement in decision-making processes, as well as increase the possibilities and capacity of civil society organisations to participate in the development of planning documents, policies and legislation.

In order to significantly improve the processes of public involvement and participation, the following activities will be implemented:

Collaboration think tanks – Think tanks will seek solutions to civil society development issues identified in the mutual dialogue and included in the list of issues to be addressed by the Memorandum Council in 2020/2021. The organisations within the Memorandum Council and the public administration institutions represented, as well as other interested civil society organisations, will be involved in the operation of the think tanks.

Digital solutions to increase the efficiency of public participation - 1-3 prototypes of digital democratic participation tools (e.g. e-consultation app) will be developed and tested, which will ensure effective involvement of civil society in the decision-making process.

Public awareness-raising and communication activities - various communication activities will be implemented on the role of civil society and public participation in a democratic state, thus promoting interest in nationally important processes and encouraging public involvement in these processes. In 2021, a civil society forum will be organised to bring together representatives of civil society and public administration to discuss and find common solutions to promote public participation. The first communication activities will take place at the end of 2020.

CAL objectives within the initiative:

  • Ensure the establishment of a communication contact point between all the parties involved, conducting information campaigns and organising an international forum and other communication activities;
  • Prepare and, if necessary, update information on the activities under the initiative;
  • Ensure the operation of think tanks, communication with think tank experts, performance of administrative functions related to the organisation, content provision and management of think tanks;
  • Ensure the planning and organisation of the forum;
  • Organise collaboration with the Icelandic Citizens Foundation with the aim of developing a digital tool for public participation.

Name and partners of the initiative: The State Chancellery in cooperation with the Civic Alliance - Latvia and Icelandic Citizens Foundation implements the initiative “Public Participation - Key to the Future of Democracy”. The implementation of the initiative will be monitored by the Council for the Implementation of the Memorandum of Cooperation between NGOs and the Cabinet of Ministers.

Implementation term: 01.10.2020-31.03.2022.

Results to be achieved: The initiative will include three think tanks and the forum, as well as the development and testing of at least one new digital tool to expand existing participation opportunities. Communication activities are also planned to promote public awareness and inform about public participation.

Amount and source of funding: The implementation of the initiative in the amount of EUR 49,996.53 is supported within the framework of the Bilateral Cooperation Fund of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway European Economic Area and Norway Grant 2014-2021.

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The Public Participation Initiative - Key to the Future of Democracy receives grants of EUR 49,997 from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in the framework of EEA and Norwegian grants. The goal of the project is to strengthen bilateral relations between Latvia and the donor country, Iceland, encouraging the transfer of good practice in promoting innovative and effective public participation, improving cooperation between public administration and non-governmental organisations, thus promoting the further development of the democratic state in the future.