The CAL expands activities according to statutes of the organization: strengthening Latvian civil society and creating a favorable environment for the activities of associations and foundations.

The day-to-day work of the organization is managed by director Kristine Zonberga. CAL board (consisting of seven board members) determines the strategic management issues of the organization. In 2019, the LPA developed its operational strategy for three years.

Key strategic priorities:

1. Promote a legal and social environment conducive to the interests of civil society, a sustainable private and public finance model, and an efficient, transparent redistribution of public funding based on clearly defined criteria.

2. To increase the influence of civil society in the policy development process by ensuring an effective dialogue with decision-makers at the local, national and international levels and at all stages of decision-making.

3. Strengthen the capacity of civil society and active citizenship, while promoting good governance in the non-governmental sector.

Once a year, the CAL members' meeting approves the organization's annual report. The annual report collects the information on the previous year’s activities and the financial situation of the organization.

LPA structure
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CAL members' meeting - the highest decision-making body of the organization.

CAL Board - decision-making body, operates between members' meetings.

Director of the CAL - ensures the implementation of the decisions of the members' meeting and the board, recruits employees and organizes the daily work of the office.