The Board is the governing body of the CAL, and its members act as strategic advisors and supervisors in the development of the organization.
The Board consists from seven members, elected by the CAL’s General Assembly for two years period.

The competence of the Board includes:

 to approve CAL's strategy and to supervise its implementation;
 to approve / revoke the Director and determine the remuneration of the Director;
 to elect / recall the Auditor;
 to decide, if CAL can join international cooperation networks, alliances or organizations;
 in accordance with the Statues, decide on the admission of new members and exclusion of the members;
 to form directions of organization activities in accordance with the established Strategy, if necessary
 to decide other issues that arise during the activities of the organization, unless they are not competence of General Assembley or Director;
 to determine the procedure for payment of membership fees.

Chairman of the Board

Vadims Korolovs
Founder of the Foundation "Kultūrprieks" and Member of the Board, member of ACCA; ANTALIS AS, RĪGA, financial director, board member

Members of the Board

Viesturs Kerus
Chairman of the Board of the association "Latvian Ornithological Society"
Maris Jonovs
Member of the Board of the association "Teikas apkaimes biedrība"
    Selina Vancane
Head of the association "Teikas apkaimes biedrība", members of the association "Zaļā brīvība"; Member of Riga City Council

Martins Steins
Founder of the Association “Youth organization “Nītaureņi””, member of the Board; Member of the "Independent Education Society"; Member of the 13th Parliament (Saeima)
Sandra Zalcmane
Founder and member of the association "Shelter “Safe House"; member of Latvian Social Workers Association
    Lolita Cigane
Vice President of the association "European Movement - Latvia"; Vice-Chairman of the Council of the Society  "Isaiah Berlin"; member of the council of the association "Meierovica Society for Progressive Change"